Meeting with Roddy

Met with Roddy to discuss next steps for work.

Between-events confidence-accuracy correlation for targets in the DRM paradigm

  • I need to send Roddy a figure depicting the between-events confidence-accuracy correlations for targets in Experiment 1 of Roediger and McDermott (1995). It'll pair with the parallel figure we have for lures, which'll be nice.

Keep an eye out for Wixted et al. (in prep) paper that Roddy might be involved with

Dissertation work

  • I need to go through the 20 subjects I collected before winter break for E2 of the dissertation. Once I do this, I need to send an update to my committee members (KM, ID, MM) covering (1) what I initially proposed, (2) the concerns that were raised, and (3) what I intend to do to address those concerns.

Get a final manuscript from APS once they're finished with the copyediting

What's the story with only 90% of WUSTL undergraduates successfully placing Obama in the correct serial position?

Get additional data (see Healy) to fill in missing years from our Presidents data, ensuring it's a college student sample

Graph forgetting for each unit of analysis over the three time points

Begin thinking of how the Psych Science paper could be converted to faces

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