Back to blogging, part two

It's been about three months without any updates here -- my apologies about that. The reason is that I stopped using Dropbox, and without Dropbox, there's no way to update this blog. There have been a few times when I've wanted to write a post, though, and for that reason I decided to reactivate Dropbox just for blogging purposes. So, hopefully, there'll be more of this to come.

Why did I stop using Dropbox, you might ask? Through a pretty roundabout set of developments. I've fallen in love with Google+ Photos. I love how the pictures I take on my iPhone are uploaded to the cloud, auto-enhanced, and organized in a meaningful way. I ran out of space on my Google Drive because I uploaded some photos. Because it didn't make sense to maintain some files in Dropbox and some in Google Drive, I eliminated Dropbox -- after all, their photo tools are inferior, even considering Carousel (which I haven't looked into in a while; I ought to).

So bottom line -- Google+ Photos are awesome. They're so good, in fact, I think I'm going to get a Nexus 6 when they're announced instead of an iPhone.

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