Yesterday, I ran the Skippo, a 20K trail race at Castlewood State Park. It was my first time at Castlewood and my first trail race. I finished!

A picture from afterwards:

11/10/14; 04:46:41 PM

A few accomplishments today:

  • Looked over Adam's paper draft that he'll be resubmitting in a few hours. It's looking pretty good. Will try and link to it once it's published.

  • The majority of the day was spent working on proofreading and editing the Science paper, and other rigamarole associated with getting the publication out the door. The page proofs are looking really nice and it'll be exciting to share it with readers here before the end of the year.

  • Also spent some time working on a few professional development issues.

  • Deniz is running seven (or so) subjects as we speak.

  • And lastly, the day was capped off by a pleasant surprise visit by Andrew Butler, Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin. He's a fabulous researcher who is bound to continue a great career in the land of beef brisket.

P.S. Made arrangements for another meeting with the Neon Electrons this Friday.

11/10/14; 04:28:09 PM

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