Most of the lab is spending this week gearing up for Psychonomics, the big experimental psychology convention that's being held this year in Long Beach, CA. Perhaps we will see you there! Here's where you can see #memorylab members in the wild (members in bold):

  • Roediger and DeSoto in Recall I, Seaview A & B, at 1:50 PM Saturday

  • Putnam and Roediger, Friday Evening Poster 3081

  • Abel, Holterman, and Baeuml in Human Learning and Instruction I, Regency D-F, H, at 2:10 PM Friday

  • Yan, Sungkhasettee, Murayama, and Castel at Friday Evening Poster 3097

  • Hays, Garcia, Finley, and Bjork, Thursday Evening Poster 1114

Did I miss you? Any alumni want to be added to the list? Comment below!

11/17/14; 05:32:22 PM

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By Andy DeSoto, Monday, November 17, 2014 at 5:32 PM.