Been a hectic week with a paper release imminent and Psychonomics on its way. Not to mention the Thanksgiving holiday is up in a little over a week, too. Well, the good news is with the November holidays over I'll be able to focus full-time on my dissertation again, and get that ball rolling for what should be the final time. Once we hit December it should be a good kind of freefall from there.

Another project I've been thinking about is something that's in the works with Dr. Steve Smith, who's visiting from Texas A&M this year. We're interested in some forensic questions that are a bit more applied than the other things I've tacked in graduate school. Hopefully there will be some interesting things to report in this space a little later.

But, as the title of the post says, with everything that's going on, it's a bad time to have doubled (tripled?) my daily coffee intake. I wonder if it's affecting my sleep, too, although a recent night of sleep (slept in a bit, don't judge) looks pretty unconcerning:

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