The #memorylab is quieting down before the winter holidays, and personally, there's no exception. I met with Roddy today to discuss some of our projects as we transition into the Spring 2015 semester. There's dissertation progress, as usual -- four experiments collected and basically analyzed -- but the presidents paper has got us interested in a few ideas involving collective memory. One project is a followup to the presidents paper, and another one is something different exploring recent events in St. Louis. Adam and I are collaborating on this front. The project with Steve is also developing, too.

Inspired by some of the highly superior memory folks we've had come visit (e.g., Nelson Dellis), I've been keeping a paper diary for about a month and a half now to see if it seems to improve my autobiographical memory. My unscientific intuition is that the thing isn't making a bit of difference. I do have some recollection of specific entries (e.g., one in which I was extremely angry), but nothing else feels qualitatively different. Is it a failed experiment so far? I don't know. One nice aspect is that a lot of exciting things have happened for me and others over the last 90 days or so. In that respect, it is nice to have an as-it-happens look at these different events. Will I ever go back and rehearse my memories of these events? Unlikely.

Meanwhile, it's been about three weeks since I switched to my Android phone (a Galaxy Note 4). So far I really like it. I love the size of the screen, the attached stylus, and the flexibility (e.g., if you want to modify the LED colors, you just download an application that lets you do this). I do miss the overall ease of sending text messages with the iPhone, but I think when Android Lollipop gets released for the phone in a month or two, hopefully, on-screen notifications will ease this burden. The device certainly feels further in the computer/tablet direction on the phone to tablet to computer spectrum. Overall, this is OK. I have been having a strange bug involving receipt of MMS messages, though, which I'd like to figure out at some point.

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