In my work, I study the psychological concept of confidence. Specifically, my research program explores the relationship between our confidence in our memories and the likelihood that that these memories are accurate and true. Scientists have argued about whether the link between memory confidence and accuracy is strong or weak, but through my research I have discovered that there is no simple answer; rather, the confidence-accuracy relationship depends on the nature of the memories and the statistical method through which these relationships are analyzed. A key breakthrough I discovered is that the confidence-accuracy relationship can be negative, meaning that the more confident we are in certain memories, the less likely we are to be remembering them accurately.

If you would like to read some representative publications regarding the topic, take a look at an introductory chapter that Roddy Roediger, John Wixted, and I wrote in Memory and Law (Roediger, Wixted, & DeSoto, 2012 ). More recently, we have published on the topic in Memory (Roediger & DeSoto, 2014 ) and Psychological Science (DeSoto & Roediger, 2014 ).

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