Skulving - #Skulving - ####Greetings! Skulving is a skeletal unified laboratory virtual ingress notification gateway. - He was programmed and is maintained by Andy DeSoto and lives in the Memory Lab at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. - In order to use Skulving, you need to have an ID tag. Please e-mail Andy to obtain one. - Skulving is built using an Arduino Uno, a Wave Shield, and an RFID reader. He is connected to a Raspberry Pi running custom-built Python code. - Please use the menu buttons above to see Skulving's code, suggest features, or follow him on Twitter. - ####Changelog: - * 11/4/14: Skulving's working again! A new lab member was given a dongle. - * 4/8/14: Skulving now tracks the amount of time lab members spend in the laboratory and reports them to Google Docs. If you have checked in and checked out, please tell Andy so he can share your file with you. - * 3/27/14: Skulving has a new makeshift enclosure. He should also respond more quickly to RFID swipes.